Same Day Tooth Extraction & Replacement

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Often in an aesthetic site, (a tooth you see when you smile), a dental implant can be placed at the same time of tooth extraction. If you have just lost a tooth (for example, as a result of a sporting injury or accident), or you bit into something and fractured the tooth off; it may be possible to put an implant in immediately. Additionally, contingent on the surrounding bone health, a temporary crown can be attached at the time of implant placement so you never have to stop smiling.

The temporary tooth is made from acrylic and is custom made to have the shape and color of your teeth, and is attached to the implant at the time of placement. The temporary tooth stays in position through the healing process,  which is often three months, while the surrounding bone and tissue bonds to the Implant. This process allows the gum tissue to be sculpted to support the final look of your final crown! In most cases patients return to daily activities quickly.


The temporary teeth look very natural and stay securely in place until the implant has healed sufficiently to put the permanent crown in place. Alleviating the need to wear something removable during the healing time, such as a partial or essex retainer in the healing time before your dentist can fabricate and place a permanent crown. 


An immediate implant will reduce the number of visits you need to complete treatment, and the money you have to spend on preparation and surgery time. Same Day Dental Implants reduce your treatment time as the implant, temporary abutment and temporary crown are placed at the same time as the tooth or teeth are extracted.

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